Wine Tour

Tick one off your bucket list – go on a wine tour! 4 reasons a wine tour will change your life:

I recently traveled to the most popular wine region in Mexico – the Guadalupe Valley. It’s beautiful climate and scenery make it the perfect destination for an escapism getaway emerged in stunning gastronomy and unforgettable home grown wines.

  1. You do not have to like wine to go on a wine tour!

I will be very truthful here and say that honestly, I didn’t like the taste of wine before I left for Mexico – or so I thought. There are hundreds of different types of grape that can be made into wine in countless ways. Some wines can certainly be an acquired taste, but I swear you will find a wine that you love the taste of and you’ll never look back! Another reason why you don’t have to actually like wine to decide to go on a wine tour is the absolute fact that with great wine, comes great food. You can drink water all day long in the vineyards because either way, your taste buds are going to be tickled and satisfied time and again throughout your trip.

  1. The views are worth the drive.

The drives between vineyards are sometimes long, but I swear it’s going to be the best game of “I Spy” you’ll ever play! The natural scenery surrounding wine valley regions is unlike any other, with gorgeous rocky mountains and rolling green hills with an outstretch of miles and miles of fields of grape vines. The wine valleys are also usually the perfect climate for beautiful colored flowers and plants that any nature lover will adore. The scenery is just so diverse that you can go from driving in desert dust to lush greenery in a matter of minutes.

3. The architecture is incredible!

The hotels in the Guadalupe Wine Valley Region have a very distinct architecture with open plan hotels, with the walls of the hotel being borderline nonexistent. Some of the hotels focus on sustainability and are built with locally recycled materials and some even use items like freight containers to convert into individual hotel rooms, galleries and restaurants. The boutique hotels in the Guadalupe Valley are mesmerizing in the way they use the natural environment to achieve a modern, environmentally friendly hospitality experience.

4. Utter Tranquility in the escape to the valley.

There is something very calming about being in a wine valley region where you learn about the ways the world around us fit in with each other. Like how the moisture travels up and down a grape vine depending on how high the moon is. Or how people who live such simple lives in a random valley in Mexico serve some of the best wine to some of the world’s most affluent areas. Or how your mind and body can imitate life by mimicking the calm environment we’re in to provide us with complete relaxation.

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Ski/Snowboard Trip Tips

5 takeaways from attempting a ski/snowboarding holiday in the French Alps…


Firstly, I want to erase one common misconception about skiing: it is not just for the upper class! A skiing holiday sounds so expensive when you add the price of hiring or buying ski gear and lift passes etc to a nice ski chalet, but a week long ski holiday can honestly cost the same – or even less – than a long weekend city break. This is because once you get up to the mountains, it’s so unlikely you’re going to want to come down in a hurry. Ski resort areas have so many après-ski activities like ice rinks, nightclubs and bars, stores and spas. This is where people save money they think they’re going to spend. When I went on my skiing holiday, I never left the mountain until I flew home. I ate all of my meals up in the mountain at the resort restaurants and found all of my entertainment in the resort too. And I had the best time ever.


A tip I would give anyone planning on going on a ski or snowboarding holiday is to not hire a car. There is honestly no point. I would say that not only is it a waste of money because, like I said in my previous point, you’re not going to want to leave the mountain once you get there. So organise a transfer to and from the airport and you’ll be sweet. You’re (most likely) not going to be used to driving on icy, winding mountain roads but at the very least you’re not going to be knowledgable about the area. Whereas someone you hire to drive you from the airport and back will do this drive on a really regular basis. This is ultimately going to be safer and less stressful for you and your holiday buddies. 


Honestly, holidays are about enjoying yourself and ski and snowboarding vacations are no different. Even if you have difficulty learning new skills – or are downright angry when they can’t do something well, like myself – a skiing or snowboarding trip can still be so much fun because it’s so rewarding learning how to ski. Even if the people around you at the same skill level as you are little French kids (around 6 or 7 years old) in little red jackets skiing without poles… I swear it’s okay! If you have the ability to laugh at yourself while trying something new, then this will be a vacation you’ll never forget and laugh about for years after. 


I cant stress this enough; you may feel tired after being on the slopes all day – especially if you fall over as much as I did – but there’s no better feeling than sitting down to an exceptionally well made hot chocolate and then partying the night away once you’ve caught your breath. Whether you want to go to the off-slope bars or enjoy a well cooked meal to wind down, or keep your limbs moving by trying your hand – or feet as the case may be – at ice skating or going sledding on one of the freshly plowed or snowed on slopes. 

Disclaimer: watch out for snow mobiles if choosing latter option.


This can be said for almost any vacation type, and I don’t have to explain it so much as it’s pretty standard to want to take pictures of something you’re paying so dearly for. But I would say the importance of taking photographs on a ski/snowboarding vacation is even more prevalent. Buying keychains and hoodies or tees is all fun and games, but photographs – if backed up digitally – will last longer and bring back the memories of the first time you got on and off a ski lift successfully without falling over; that time you had to visit the resort’s ER because you thought a Frenchman skied into you so violently that you broke a bone or even the time you skinny dipped in a hot tub on the side of a mountain in the Alps. You’re going to want to capture those memories and save them forever. 


I actually ended up breaking my wrist on this particular vacation… I like to call this #disastourism. Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever had a disaster on a trip you went on! Also click on My Map or Travel Tips to see more great posts!

A bit about the blog…

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